"Open Your Eyes Little One"

About The Author



In 2011 I became a mommy to a wonderful blue eyed baby girl named Taylor. Taylor is my little artist she is very creative. Very kind hearted child who pours her heart out to everyone. She loves to help people in any way she can. She has helped me with raising money for hurricane pets displaced as well as Ms society, and has volunteered her time etc.
In 2014 I was blessed again to have another incredible little girl named Kendall. Kendall is my silly girl. She loves to put a smile on everyone's face. She is always trying to strive to learn and get ahead. She wanted to go to school before mommy was quite ready but I chose not to hold her back and she has done amazing. She is very busy and has also helped in raising money for different causes and has volunteered her time as well helping others.



In 2016 our lives had changed quite a bit. We adjusted and kept trying to push forward to always make things better no matter the struggle. This is when it all started.....
Between 2016 to now I, Erin Cress the author have been trying to not only tell my children they can do anything they put there minds to but trying to show them. Thats how my journey began as a children's book author. I not only wanted to encourage my children but I wanted to encourage other children as well that they can be anything in life including but not limited to a Artist, Pilot, Singer, Doctor, anything at all there is no limit. A child needs to hear that they can accomplish goals in there lives if they put there minds to it. And sometimes there will be days when things aren't as easy but they must keep pushing through. They need a great support system and starts with there parents. I am only here to help spread the word and stand behind the parents who encourage!!!


I am here to help encourage young children to chase after there dreams and keep trying. The world is a amazing place and if they just "Open There Eyes" to possibilities  they can go far in life. I am just the extra influence trying to be there to tell them they can!!!